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“Lover When You Need Me, Wither When You’re Gone” and Other Story News

“Lover When You Need Me, Wither When You’re Gone” and Other Story News


The latest Fulbright & Hawkes story, a 10,000-word novelette, “Lover When You Need Me, Wither When You’re Gone” sold to DarkFuse Magazine and will appear online for VIP readers April 7, 2017, so we hope people will visit the site and check it out.

Another Fulbright & Hawkes story, “Thunderbird” sold to Dave Thomas for his DarkFuse anthology series Erotikos. Our story will appear in Erotikos #2, but the first installment in the series is currently on sale here.

Yet another Fulbright & Hawkes tale, “Strange Gods” will appear in the Crystal Lake Publishing anthology, C.H.U.D. Lives!, the first officially licensed anthology with stories based on the 1980s cult horror film.

Angeline’s short horror story “The Keeping of Eleanor May” is the lead story in Issue #2 of Skelos: The Journal of Weird Fiction and Dark Fantasy, on sale now. Christopher’s pulp horror story “Curse of the Dripping Blade” sold to Skelos Press and is slated to appear in the third issue. The guys at Skelos Press are working hard, so please check them out and offer some support for their publications.

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Updates of Horrific Proportions

Updates of Horrific Proportions

EvilDead1DemonA lot of activity all of a sudden means we’ve awakened from our ancient slumber and we’re ready to take over the world!

Okay, actually, we’re not quoting an old Necrophagia song, nor a line from Evil Dead, but we do have some stuff to announce.

Angeline’s story “Beyond the Darkness” appeared in Dark Discoveries #23. Ordering details and other information available here:

Angeline and Christopher both had short stories published in Tales of Obscenity #1, with details available here:

Christopher had a new novella, Red Chalice, published by Bad Moon Books recently. Links to information on  paperback and electronic editions available here:

Finally, Angeline has a new book scheduled to appear from Bad Moon Books (TBA), as well as a new full length novel from ND3 Press, called BLOOD ALONE. We’re very excited to see this one released, so stay tuned for more details on the novel coming soon!

New Stories Coming in Tales of Obscenity #1 Spring 2013

New Stories Coming in Tales of Obscenity #1 Spring 2013

Tales-of-Obscenity_300Angeline and Christopher will have individual stories appearing in the upcoming inaugural issue of Tales of Obscenity, coming soon from SST Publications. The magazine will be available in print and electronic editions. A very limited hardcover edition will also be available for pre-order soon. Both stories are pretty rough trade where subject matter is concerned, but then, if you’re checking out a magazine called Tales of Obscenity, your expectations are probably spot-on.

This magazine should really catch on with folks into extreme and erotic horror.  Interested parties can look into subscribing in print or electronically by clicking here.

This is a new project from the recently revamped and revitalized SST Publications, the UK-based publisher of such popular small press titles as Peep Show: The Erotic Horror Magazine, Cold Storage, and the recent novel by Eric Red, Don’t Stand So Close. Owner/editor Paul Fry was also the man responsible for bringing to light Christopher’s first published novella, Sometimes Women Are So Cold, in 2002.

Dreams In The Fire: Stories and Poetry Inspired by Robert E. Howard

Dreams In The Fire: Stories and Poetry Inspired by Robert E. Howard

Dreams-in-the-FireAngeline and I were pleased to contribute to this project benefiting the Robert E. Howard House in Cross Plains, Texas.  Published in June 2011 and edited by Mark Finn and Chris Gruber, all proceeds from the sale of this anthology benefit Project Pride, an organization dedicated to the upkeep of the Robert E. Howard home/museum and preservation of Howard’s literary heritage in the Cross Plains area. There was a mass signing at Robert E. Howard Days 2011, with the majority of contributors in attendance.  My Black Vulmea-inspired pirate adventure, “Bloody Isle of the Kiyah-rahi” appears alongside Angeline’s sword and sorcery tale, “Two Dragons Blazing: A Tale of the Barbarian Kabar of El Hazzar.”

A unique collection of voices, an amazing range of fiction and verse, all inspired by the great fantasy and adventure writer, Robert E. Howard (1906-1936). Featuring stories and poems by Charles Gramlich, James Reasoner, Rob Roehm, Barbara Barrett, Robert Weinberg, Christopher Fulbright, Frank Coffman, Jimmy Cheung, Patrick R. Berger, Danny Street, Angeline Hawkes, Amy Kerr, Mark Finn, David A. Hardy, Chris Gruber, Gary Romeo, Morgan Holmes, and Don Herron, with an introduction by Rusty Burke. It’s a veritable Who’s Who of Howard Heads!

Dreams in the Fire: Stories and Poems Inspired by Robert E. Howard is a benefit book created by members past and present of the Robert E. Howard United Press Association (REHupa). Proceeds from the sale of this book go to Project Pride for their continued upkeep and promotion of the Robert E. Howard House. To order a copy of this book and support the cause, click here.

Folks interested in reading some of Angeline’s fantasy fiction should check out her highly praised collection, OUT OF THE GARDEN and Other Tales of the Barbarian Kabar of El Hazzar, now available from Bad Moon Books.

Bound for Evil: Curious Tales of Books Gone Bad

Bound for Evil: Curious Tales of Books Gone Bad

boundforevil_medBound for Evil: Curious Tales of Books Gone Bad is a mammoth volume gathering together for the first time ever the very best stories of diabolical books. Illustrated throughout with over two dozen black and white pieces by World Fantasy Award-winning illustrator Allen Koszowski, it was nominated for the 2008 Shirley Jackson Award for Best Anthology, and includes a short story by Christopher Fulbright, “Mechanix” and a short story by Angeline Hawkes, “A Lesson In Therapy.”

Bound for Evil collects 66 tales of lost knowledge and restless ghosts, secret libraries and forbidden texts, alternate worlds and ancient gods; written by 61 acclaimed writers, including Ramsey Campbell, Rhys Hughes, Gary McMahon, H. P. Lovecraft, Jeffrey Thomas, Simon Strantzas, M. R. James, Mark McLaughlin, Robert W. Chambers, Gary Fry, and dozens more.

Limited to 500 copies. Deluxe smythe sewn, 800-page hardcover, bound in black imitation leather, and stamped in gold leaf with an original cover design by Allen Koszowski. Copies of this book are still available from the publisher, Dead Letter Press, at a deep discount. Click here to order while they’re still available:

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