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“Lover When You Need Me, Wither When You’re Gone” and Other Story News

“Lover When You Need Me, Wither When You’re Gone” and Other Story News

We are happy to announce that new stories are coming soon.

The latest Fulbright & Hawkes story, a 10,000-word novelette, “Lover When You Need Me, Wither When You’re Gone” sold to DarkFuse Magazine and will appear online for VIP readers April 7, 2017, so we hope people will visit the site and check it out.

Another Fulbright & Hawkes story, “Thunderbird” sold to Dave Thomas for his DarkFuse anthology series Erotikos. Our story will appear in Erotikos #2, but the first installment in the series is currently on sale here.

Yet another Fulbright & Hawkes tale, “Strange Gods” will appear in the Crystal Lake Publishing anthology, C.H.U.D. Lives!, the first officially licensed anthology with stories based on the 1980s cult horror film.

Angeline’s short horror story “The Keeping of Eleanor May” is the lead story in Issue #2 of Skelos: The Journal of Weird Fiction and Dark Fantasy, on sale now. Christopher’s pulp horror story “Curse of the Dripping Blade” sold to Skelos Press and is slated to appear in the third issue. The guys at Skelos Press are working hard, so please check them out and offer some support for their publications.

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NIGHT WRAITH is Unleashed

NIGHT WRAITH is Unleashed

NIGHT WRAITH by Christopher Fulbright and Angeline Hawkes, 2016, SST Publications, trade hardcover edition, art by Vincent Sammy.

Our new novel NIGHT WRAITH is now available in two hardcover editions and ebook editions. Published by SST Publications, these are some very nice looking books, so I wanted to share some pictures below. The signed, limited hardcover ships from the UK, and the trade hardcover is available via Amazon. The cover art for both editions was done by the talented Vincent Sammy.

Get your tickets to the show:

Pictures of the signed limited edition:

NIGHT WRAITH Hardcovers Now Available for Pre-order

NIGHT WRAITH Hardcovers Now Available for Pre-order

NIGHT WRAITH (Limited Hardcover) by Fulbright & Hawkes
Cover art for the signed limited edition hardcover of NIGHT WRAITH by Christopher Fulbright and Angeline Hawkes, coming Summer 2016 from SST Publications. Art by Vincent Sammy.

We’re happy to announce that the new Fulbright & Hawkes novel, NIGHT WRAITH, is now available for pre-order, with publication planned for this Spring. The books are available for pre-order in two editions, a trade hardcover and a signed limited edition hardcover, both with amazing cover art by Vincent Sammy. The final book layout will feature stunning wraparound art on the dust jackets and high quality book construction. The limited edition is competitively priced compared to other specialty publishers. We’re very excited to work with SST on this project, knowing we can guarantee that collectors and readers who prefer hardcover formats will be duly pleased with the quality of this book. The pre-order page is up and running at the SST Publications website here: NIGHT WRAITH Pre-orders.

About the novel: 

Something inhuman is slaughtering teens in the small town of Carson Lake. Police Chief Gavin Wagner knows more than he wants to admit, but when he can no longer deny that a secret from his past compels the thing that stalks the night, Gavin must face the truth or lose everything he loves.

Years ago, Gavin protected his daughter Carly from the full truth about her mother’s suicide. Talk of covens and the occult wouldn’t have done his little girl any good in her time of grief. He did it to help them heal, to help them move on. But now that Carly has blossomed into a beautiful young woman, dark forces have awakened, and his omission of truth may cost them their lives.

As Gavin strives to end the growing horror, desperately seeking people and clues that have disappeared beneath shrouds of mystery, Carly’s world is shaken, astir with strange manifestations, ghostly visitations, and the allure of witchcraft. Gavin must overcome his personal demons and find the answers he seeks in time to save them all from the thing that’s coming, reaching out from beyond, lurking in black shadows, hungry for blood and revenge…

SHAMIAN GATE Now Available in Print and E-Book

SHAMIAN GATE Now Available in Print and E-Book

SHAMIAN GATE by Christopher Fulbright and Angeline Hawkes.
SHAMIAN GATE by Christopher Fulbright and Angeline Hawkes.

Our new novella, SHAMIAN GATE, is now available through Amazon in ebook and trade paperback formats.

About the book: “For centuries Shamian Gate has waited. Legends say that a scroll of powerful magic was hidden beyond the gate in order to protect the world from the disaster that would occur should this power fall into the wrong hands. Only one key can unlock Shamian Gate. Throughout the ages, an order of monks has searched China for this key so the gate could be unlocked, and the secrets of the scroll revealed.

“Traveling to the Anhui Province, Jeff and Ashley Russell know nothing about this key or the gate, but the two Americans find themselves thrust into the midst of an ancient mystery when they adopt a Chinese orphan. Trapped in the heart of red China with no one to trust, they struggle to stay alive and save the boy they traveled so far and waited so long to call ‘son’. Drawn into the legend’s black shadow, menaced by the secret order, only one thing can save them—and the world—from the horrors that lie in wait beyond the Shamian Gate.”

For a complete list of all of our books and links to all available formats, please visit the Books page.

Appearing at ConDFW XIV this Saturday, Feb. 14

Appearing at ConDFW XIV this Saturday, Feb. 14

MyBloodyValentine_Poster_ConDFWAngeline and I will be at ConDFW XIV this weekend, Saturday the 14th.  Yes, that’s right, we’re going to spend Valentine’s Day at a convention together, visiting with old friends and talking shop. How romantic! (I won’t lie — there is also probably a nice dinner and viewing of My Bloody Valentine on the roster for later in the evening.)

This year’s convention is at a new hotel, the Hilton Dallas Lincoln Center near the Galleria. For more information and directions, please visit the ConDFW website.  If you’re in the area, we’d love to see you.  We won’t have a table this time, but we will have a few copies of our latest books available if you catch us in passing. Don’t be shy — grab us and say hi!

Angeline’s Schedule:

  • 11:00 am – Book Signing alongside Stina Leicht at the author’s table in the Dealer’s Room
  • 12:00 pm – “This Book Should Be A Movie”
  • 2:00 pm – “Genres of Fantasy Explained”
  • 3:00 pm – “Psychological Horror: The Roots of the Scare”

Christopher’s Schedule:

  • 10 – 12:00 pm – Drinking Coffee
  • 12:00 pm – “Shared World Anthologies: Playing in a Sandbox”
  • 1 – 2:00 pm – Drinking Beer
  • 3:00 pm –  “Psychological Horror: The Roots of the Scare”

Have a great weekend and we hope to see you there!

Dates: February 13-15, 2015
Location: Hilton Dallas Lincoln Centre, Dallas, TX