New Stories Coming in Tales of Obscenity #1 Spring 2013

New Stories Coming in Tales of Obscenity #1 Spring 2013

Tales-of-Obscenity_300Angeline and Christopher will have individual stories appearing in the upcoming inaugural issue of Tales of Obscenity, coming soon from SST Publications. The magazine will be available in print and electronic editions. A very limited hardcover edition will also be available for pre-order soon. Both stories are pretty rough trade where subject matter is concerned, but then, if you’re checking out a magazine called Tales of Obscenity, your expectations are probably spot-on.

This magazine should really catch on with folks into extreme and erotic horror.  Interested parties can look into subscribing in print or electronically by clicking here.

This is a new project from the recently revamped and revitalized SST Publications, the UK-based publisher of such popular small press titles as Peep Show: The Erotic Horror Magazine, Cold Storage, and the recent novel by Eric Red, Don’t Stand So Close. Owner/editor Paul Fry was also the man responsible for bringing to light Christopher’s first published novella, Sometimes Women Are So Cold, in 2002.

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