Updates of Horrific Proportions

Updates of Horrific Proportions

EvilDead1DemonA lot of activity all of a sudden means we’ve awakened from our ancient slumber and we’re ready to take over the world!

Okay, actually, we’re not quoting an old Necrophagia song, nor a line from Evil Dead, but we do have some stuff to announce.

Angeline’s story “Beyond the Darkness” appeared in Dark Discoveries #23. Ordering details and other information available here: http://journal-store.com/fiction/dark-discoveries-issue-23/

Angeline and Christopher both had short stories published in Tales of Obscenity #1, with details available here: http://sstpublications.co.uk/sst/Magazines/Tales-of-Obscenity-1.html

Christopher had a new novella, Red Chalice, published by Bad Moon Books recently. Links to information on  paperback and electronic editions available here: http://christopherfulbright.com/?page_id=943

Finally, Angeline has a new book scheduled to appear from Bad Moon Books (TBA), as well as a new full length novel from ND3 Press, called BLOOD ALONE. We’re very excited to see this one released, so stay tuned for more details on the novel coming soon!

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