C.H.U.D. Tribute Anthology Now Available for Pre-Order

C.H.U.D. Tribute Anthology Now Available for Pre-Order

The new anthology C.H.U.D. LIVES! is now available for pre-order. This anthology features a new Fulbright & Hawkes short story “Strange Gods” appearing alongside work by fine writers such as Jonathan Maberry, Nick Cato, Tim Waggoner, and Mort Castle, to name a few. The book was edited by Eric S. Brown, has an introduction by David Drake, and features stories that take place in the world of C.H.U.D., expanding the universe by telling previously untold tales of characters from the first film. It will be released in ebook and trade paperback editions by Crystal Lake Publishing, and includes previously unreleased behind-the-scenes photos, as well as interviews with the producer and screenwriter of this 1980’s horror cult classic.

There’s a press release on BloodyDisgusting.com for those who’d like more information, or any of you who just want to poke around the site for other cool horror movie news.

The Kindle edition is currently available for pre-order at Amazon.com. Links to the trade paperback edition will be coming soon. The official release date is April 27, 2018.

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