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“Lover When You Need Me, Wither When You’re Gone” and Other Story News

“Lover When You Need Me, Wither When You’re Gone” and Other Story News


The latest Fulbright & Hawkes story, a 10,000-word novelette, “Lover When You Need Me, Wither When You’re Gone” sold to DarkFuse Magazine and will appear online for VIP readers April 7, 2017, so we hope people will visit the site and check it out.

Another Fulbright & Hawkes story, “Thunderbird” sold to Dave Thomas for his DarkFuse anthology series Erotikos. Our story will appear in Erotikos #2, but the first installment in the series is currently on sale here.

Yet another Fulbright & Hawkes tale, “Strange Gods” will appear in the Crystal Lake Publishing anthology, C.H.U.D. Lives!, the first officially licensed anthology with stories based on the 1980s cult horror film.

Angeline’s short horror story “The Keeping of Eleanor May” is the lead story in Issue #2 of Skelos: The Journal of Weird Fiction and Dark Fantasy, on sale now. Christopher’s pulp horror story “Curse of the Dripping Blade” sold to Skelos Press and is slated to appear in the third issue. The guys at Skelos Press are working hard, so please check them out and offer some support for their publications.

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Horror Novellas Reissued: New Art, Same Thrilling Fiction!

Horror Novellas Reissued: New Art, Same Thrilling Fiction!

We have recently re-released our horror novellas BLACK MERCY FALLS and SORROW CREEK. These novellas were originally published by Delirium Books and went out of print earlier this year, so we are happy to announce they are available again in Kindle editions, with paperback editions soon to come.  We have also given facelifts to our earliest novellas, THEN COMES THE CHILD and BLOOD COVEN, with plans to reissue these in paperback editions as well.  In the meantime, all links to the ebook editions have been updated. Click the image below to check out the links!

Fulbright & Hawkes - Horror Novella Reissues


Early Reviews for ELDERWOOD MANOR

Early Reviews for ELDERWOOD MANOR

Some nice reviews are starting to roll in for our upcoming novella from DarkFuse, ELDERWOOD MANOR.

“A very dark and atmospheric horror novella with strong undertones of H.P. Lovecraft. The story took me back to the way horror was approached a long time ago … there is evil here. Everyone knows that it is there. The problem is that no one, either in the story or the reader, seems to know exactly what that evil is. This makes it even more frightening and is a subtlety often missing from modern horror … very scary.” —Josef Hernandez for The Examiner

“This short novella is packed to the brim with great atmosphere, strange creatures, and wall-to-wall scares.” —Nick Cato, editor of The Horror Fiction Review

“If you are looking for something that keeps you turning the pages quickly and that will creep you out in many ways, I highly recommend this.” —On Top Down Under Book Reviews

Reviewers with NetGalley accounts may request the novella by clicking here.

The book is scheduled to be released July 15, 2014 in hardcover and eBook editions. To pre-order the Kindle edition at a 15% discount, click here.

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THE DEVIL BEHIND ME by Christopher Fulbright and Angeline Hawkes

THE DEVIL BEHIND ME by Christopher Fulbright and Angeline Hawkes

Books_DEVILBEHINDME_300We’re excited to announce that our new novella, THE DEVIL BEHIND ME, is now available as a Dark Regions Digital exclusive, just in time for the holidays.

About the book: Alex Brandt’s life is the stuff of lore and legend, but not the fairytale one would welcome. The sole survivor of the Krampusnacht Massacre, Alex was shipped away to America on the heels of tragedy. Childhood trauma followed him to an adulthood plagued with fear and self-doubt. The horror of his past affects him so deeply each holiday season that his girlfriend urges him to resolve his issues once and for all.

Seeking closure to the Christmas tragedy, with the help of his uncle and a retired German police officer, Alex returns to the scene of the crime in Bavaria. But what lurks in the Alpine darkness on the snow-swept mountain slopes knows Alex has come back, and it’s seeking some closure of its own…

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